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What's important to Us

What is our mission?
To guide organizations worldwide in unlocking the full potential of their cloud service business.

What is our business?
We provide cloud-specific consulting and auditing services to hyper scalers and their partners.

What makes us different

ISSI transforms how organizations generate value by helping to maximize the full potential of their cloud managed service and professional service businesses. We achieve this with a dynamic set of consulting offerings for cloud service organizations while also managing cloud service audit programs for the major hyperscalers.

Given ISSI’s unique position in working closely with hyperscale providers as well as providing consulting to their partner organizations, we are able to bring valuable insights and deep cloud expertise that enables companies to unlock the full potential of their cloud service business investment. ISSI has unparalleled knowledge of the cloud landscape, its unique opportunities and challenges, and what’s coming next.

Market leaders including Google, Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, VMware, and Stripe have chosen ISSI as their preferred partner for assisting their partners in their transformation journey.

What problems do we solve

For IT service providers

An inability to profitably scale cloud service delivery.IT service providers must continually innovate and adapt in the highly dynamic and rapidly accelerating cloud services market. ISSI designs unique consulting programs that accelerate profitable cloud service growth and customer acquisition.

Challenges with transitioning from a traditional model. Public cloud migration threatens the profitability of the business model for the traditional, infrastructure focused, IT service provider. ISSI recognizes the embedded cultural challenges, competing strategic priorities and competency gaps that delay the creation of a successful cloud business unit. ISSI works closely with the executive team to develop a program that enables the successful introduction of customer centric cloud services.

Difficulty in navigating and managing hyperscaler partner programs. The plethora of competing hyperscale vendor partner programs impacts the availability of staff to work on customer projects. And, for those IT service providers new to the compliance world, preparing for the process can be a bewildering and time-consuming prospect. ISSI brings decades of compliance preparation experience and a high level of cloud expertise to minimize the impact of these potential disruptors.

For hyperscale cloud providers

An inconsistent level of cloud expertise
and experience within the hyperscale cloud providers channel slows cloud consumption and can result in a poor customer experience for organizations migrating to the public cloud. ISSI’s cloud-specific partner programs enable the hyperscale vendor to quantify, assess and improve the quality of services available to organizations, migrating workloads to the cloud.

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Security and Privacy Certifications

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information security management

SO/IEC 27701:2019
Privacy information management 

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