Azure Specializations - Process and Controls Overview

As part of its Azure specializations consulting and audit preparation services, ISSI offers an optional one-hour Process and Controls Overview. This session covers key aspects of the audit processes and controls and provides partners with a high-level overview of the audit process.

The Process and Controls Overview session includes:

  • A general discussion of the Azure specialization audit process.
  • A discussion of best practices in preparing for the audit.
  • An explanation of the checklist requirements for the relevant specialization. This will be a general discussion and will not include a review of your proposed evidence or a discussion of specific scenarios. For a more in-depth review and to prepare for the audit, you can sign up for extensive in-depth consulting engagements.
  • More information is available here.

The session is conducted remotely using your preferred conferencing platform.


USD 500 billed directly to you from ISSI upon confirmation of the session.  

Next Steps 

To schedule an Process and Controls Overview, please reach out to to indicate your interest and an ISSI Program Manager will be in contact shortly.

Azure Specialization Audit Preparation Consulting Services

ISSI offers audit preparation consulting services that include a checklist explanation, an in-depth discussion of audit best practices, an audit rehearsal with evidence review, a gap analysis report, and follow-up support communications prior to the audit.