Cloud MSP Program Development

Azure Specializations - Process and Controls Overview

As part of its Azure specializations consulting and audit preparation services, ISSI offers an optional one-hour Process and Controls Overview. This session covers key aspects of the audit processes and controls and provides partners with a high-level overview of the audit process.


The Process and Controls Overview session includes:

  • A general discussion of the Azure specialization audit process.
  • A discussion of best practices in preparing for the audit.
  • An explanation of the checklist requirements for the relevant specialization. This will be a general discussion and will not include a review of your proposed evidence or a discussion of specific scenarios. For a more in-depth review and to prepare for the audit, you can sign up for extensive in-depth consulting engagements.
  • More information is available here.
  • The session is conducted remotely using your preferred conferencing platform.


Azure Specialization Audit Preparation Consulting Services

ISSI offers audit preparation consulting services that include a checklist explanation, an in-depth discussion of audit best practices, an audit rehearsal with evidence review, a gap analysis report, and follow-up support communications prior to the audit.

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