carbon emission management for cloud businesses

Carbon Emissions Management for Cloud Businesses

Follow a defined sustainability methodology and make your business carbon neutral. Do you experience increasing market attention to your business’s ecological sustainability and messaging? Do you need to comply with the regulations? Want to meet high customer expectations to stand out from the competition? Have you just started exploring the new subject of net-zero carbon emissions for the IT industry, science-based targets and the green service provider business? Consider this workshop to develop a sustainability framework for your business, plan for becoming carbon neutral and get an expert insight into industry certifications.

Value Proposition

The workshop designs the methodology for the partner’s business to become carbon neutral. It provides a comprehensive overview of industry trends, requirements, and pivotal metrics and tools. The workshop assesses the partner’s current CO2 emissions, sets the targets and develops a plan for the emissions reduction and continuous optimization. The partner will also get guidance on relevant certification requirements and the certification application.

carbon emission management for cloud businesses

Discussion Topics

  • Carbon emissions for cloud service providers: an exploration of the existing frameworks and requirements
  • Assessment of the partner’s emissions and estimation of the total CO2 equivalent
  • Practical sessions on how to address science-based targets (SBT) requirements
  • Design for emission reductions: development of the partner’s targets and the reduction plan
  • SBT validation: consulting on the certification process, documentation design and guidance on the certification application
  • Support for the partner’s certification journey

Delivery formats


  • The partners’ sustainability assessment report
  • Carbon emission targets and the reduction plan
  • Certification documentation

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