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Accelerate your Cloud Adoption Journey

Accelerate the partner’s understanding of the Hyperscale Cloud Provider’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Cloud Adoption Framework for Business Leaders​

Workshop Overview

The first part of the full-day workshop explains Cloud Adoption Framework, its foundational pillars, the terminology and the tools it suggests. It aims to increase senior stakeholders’ understanding of the CAF and its value to the partner business.

The second part focuses on practical implementation of the CAF principles following the partner’s service management processes and frameworks. 

The workshop provides hands-on development of the master design document aligned with CAF.

cloud adoption framework for business leaders

Delivery format & pricing

$6,000 (Travel and expenses for any onsite sessions are not included)

Key Success Factors
  • Executive participation
  • Key stakeholders’ participation
  • Commitment to the Audit project

Who can Participate?

  • Executive Leadership
  • Head of Cloud Business
  • Sales Leadership
  • Service Delivery and Client Success Leadership
  • Head of Solution Architecture

Workshop Deliverables

  • Cloud Adoption Framework mapping to the partner’s current business​.
  • List of suggestions for improvement of the Cloud Adoption Framework use within the partner’s business​.
  • Cloud Framework tooling overview with applicability assessment​.
  • Hands-on development of the master design document​.
  • 30/60/90 plan for implementation​.

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