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As more services and products are being delivered as a “subscription,” the traditional way of using the reactive Customer Support model is insufficient to manage the churn risk and help customers to realize their intended outcomes.

Today, there is a trend in organizations to create a new Customer Success practice to more proactively engage customers to adopt their subscription and realize the outcomes, which in effect reduce the churn risk and increase incremental opportunities.

Many partners have challenges transforming to the proactive Customer Success world due to legacy processes, tools, and skillset. To enable partners, ISSI recommends using a Customer Success Practice Assessment approach to first benchmark the existing inventory and understand gaps before investing further into a specific area of development – People, Processes, Tools, etc.

Customer Success Practice Assessment

The practice assessment is the starting point of the journey. The consultant will assess the Partner’s maturity in the 9 domain areas across 3 categories of Business, Processes, and Tools. The practice assessment will cover the concept of each domain and, through a series of Q&A, discover the stage of maturity across 5 different bands.
Based on the findings in the Customer Success Maturity Report from the CS Practice Assessment, the Partner can proceed to work on specific areas that need improvement.

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Workshop 1 – Customer Success Business Plan

This workshop aims to develop a draft business plan on Customer Success, including a scoreboard, resources to support the practice, and a draft timetable. This workshop aims to develop a draft business plan on Customer Success, including creating a charter, identifying the right sponsor, developing a business plan, a scoreboard, resources to support the practice, and a draft timetable.


Workshop 2 – Go-To-Market

ISSI subscribes to TSIA’s Land-Adopt-Expand-Renew model as the framework for implementing the customer success practice. This workshop develops a GTM covering LAER processes and hands-offs, account segmentation, internal enablement, and external marketing.


Workshop 3 – Health Score and Customer Success Tool

A Customer Success Health score is a key element to better understand the status of a subscribing customer; it is the basis of the CSM practice. A proper Customer Success tool will facilitate the automation of the health score update through a dashboard and the associated Call-to-Action. The workshop creates the customer health score and recommends Customer Success tool selection.


At ISSI, our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We know every customer is different, so we get to know each of our clients personally to discover their unique needs and requirements.


With decades of collective experience, our consultants are at the forefront of innovation in the field of Customer Success. ISSI has built up a wealth of knowledge, experience, and templates to guide Partners along the lifecycle transformation journey.


While our reach is global, we operate like a small company, with the flexibility to design a custom solution for each client. What our customers value most is our quick response to their questions and requests.

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