ISSI Consulting Services

Clarify Marketing Objectives, Build a Consistent Voice

Develop a long-term ROI-oriented content marketing strategy to improve customer experience, and promote business growth

Marketing Content Development

Workshop Overview

Variable remote workshops to assist Partner in developing content to meet program requirements and general marcomm needs. Marketing services and collateral to support a partner’s marketing communications needs and programmatic requirements, including:

  • Case studies / Reference program development for general marketing or to fulfill program/certification requirements
  • Channel and sales collateral, including product brochures & datasheets, eBooks, 1st call decks, compete Q&As
  • Whitepapers (100-200 level business or 300-level technical)
  • Blog posts
  • Product and/or company messaging sessions & documents
  • Press releases / press kits
  • Ghost-authored editorial submissions
  • Sales & executive presentations
  • Video scripts & video production consultations
  • Web content

Workshop Deliverables

  • Professional high-quality content

Who can Participate?

  • Marketing/Sales/Marcomm
  • Subject Matter Experts

Key Success Factors

  • Marketing/Sales/Marcomm
  • Subject Matter Experts

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