ISSI is Globally recognized as Cloud Service Innovators & Thought Leaders

Getting Started on a Cloud Partner Transformation Plan By David Pool – ISSI Senior Consultant  A big challenge that established …

ISSI is Globally Recognized as Cloud Service Innovators & Thought Leaders

Getting Started on a Cloud Partner Transformation Plan By David Pool – ISSI Senior Consultant  A big challenge that established …

Partner Transformation Journey

Consulting workshops for growing your hyperscale cloud services

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Discovery and Assessment

Cloud Managed Services Provider Evaluation

Cloud Managed Services Provider Evaluation

Define your value add strategy, business objectives & achievement plan. The workshop defines the hyperscale cloud MSP business on various best practice examples. It provides a framework for a successful MSP organisation and an overview of the partner's gaps.

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Cloud Partner Transformation Plan

Cloud Partner Transformation Plan

Consider this assessment and best practice recommendation service from ISSI to boost your transformation towards a profitable Cloud MSP business.
The CPTP is a consultant-led analysis of partner capabilities compared to leading Next Generation Cloud Managed Service Providers.

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Customer Success Practice Assessment

Customer Success Practice Assessment

Consider this workshop to define the roadmap to success for you and your customers.  The partner will get a clear understanding of the best practices for similar businesses and a set of actionable insights for immediate implementation.

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Strategy and Service Portfolio

Cloud MSP Program Development

Consider our comprehensive and highly-interactive workshop for managed services provider program and practice development.

Service Portfolio Development

Consider the service portfolio development workshop that will boost your competitive advantage, streamline the sales process, improve your margin figures and help to scale exponentially.



Cloud Business Model Design

Consider this workshop that will help you to define and improve your business model through multi-dimensional planning and financial management.

Cloud Economics And Billing Implementation For AWS Partners ISSI

Cloud Economics and Billing Implementation for AWS partners

Consider our tailored workshop to equip you for a scalable and profitable partnership with AWS.

Service Management

Cloud Management Platform Analysis and Implementation

Consider this workshop to design and implement your solution for automating the cloud customer journey.

Cloud Adoption Framework Discovery and Implementation

Consider this workshop to define the cloud adoption journey for your customers that will help to ensure a high margin on cloud projects and successful sales of the managed services.

ITIL Processes and Governance Implementation

Consider this workshop that tailors proven frameworks to your business to reduce overhead, improve your processes, and accelerate service quality, customer satisfaction and revenue figures.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Cloud Center of Excellence Best Practice Sharing

Consider our workshop to answer all these questions and define the CCoE that will streamline and speed up your cloud business.

Cloud Center of Excellence Development

Consider this workshop to design and implement a governance and operations structure that will streamline your cloud practice, generate innovations and accelerate the revenue.

Customer Success

Customer Success Practice Development

Design and implement a sustainable and profitable business model based on recurring sales without compromising your existing revenue. The workshop discusses Customer Success (CS) best practices, implementation models, and tools to help the partner set up their CS practice even in a small organization following the matrix structure of responsibilities. The workshop enables the partners to embed Customer Success in every operational process and set up measurement, reporting and mitigation systems that integrate easily with their agile business.


Carbon Emissions Management for Cloud Businesses

Have you just started exploring the new subject of net-zero carbon emissions for the IT industry, science-based targets and the green service provider business? Consider this workshop to develop a sustainability framework for your business, plan for becoming carbon neutral and get an expert insight into industry certifications. The workshop designs the methodology for the partner's business to become carbon neutral. It provides a comprehensive overview of industry trends, requirements, and pivotal metrics and tools.


“I would highly recommend ISSI to any customer who is considering assistance in achieving their AWS program compliance goals. Our relationship with ISSI, as we worked through multiple audits to achieve our AWS Consulting Partner and Competency Status, felt more like a collaborative effort than your traditional ‘audit’ relationship. I continue to be impressed with the ISSI team, as their professionalism and candid approach to problem solving and best practices facilitates a vast interchange of information within a positive working relationship.”
David Purinton
Director of Operations, Rackspace

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