Cloud Center of Excellence Best Practice Sharing ISSI

CCoE Best Practice Sharing

Define your cloud center of excellence model and structure based on the most efficient practices from similar businesses.

Have you ever wondered if a center of excellence could improve your cloud business performance? Should CCoE focus on technical aspects, innovations or be in charge of sales performance, or both? Is CCoE any different from your Cloud department? What additional value the new structure could create? Consider our workshop to answer all these questions and define the CCoE that will streamline and speed up your cloud business.

Value Proposition

The workshop discusses various successful CCoEs adopted by the most efficient MSPs worldwide and helps the partner choose and design the best-suited model. The partner will define its pivotal focus areas guided by ISSI’s CCoE framework. The workshop will help the partner define key initiatives in each functional area, identify owners, business tactics, targets for various time horizons, and plan the implementation timeline.


Discussion Topics

  • Overview of the efficient CCoE models and defining the best fit for the partner’s organization
  • Exploration of the CoE focus areas for a successful Cloud MSP
  • Business areas’ deep-dive and implementation priorities
  • Technical areas’ deep-dive and implementation priorities
  • Best practices of lifecycle tooling implementation for agile MSP operations

Delivery formats


  • A map of eight focus areas for operational excellence
  • Assessment report detailing the key best practices discussed

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