Customer success practice

Customer Success Best Practice Development

Design and implement a sustainable and profitable business model based on recurring sales without compromising your existing revenue.
Selling subscription-based offers does not bring immediate desired results? Increasing revenue per customer is a challenge to your sales department, and the current service model is not generating additional demand? Struggle to identify the reasons for customer churn and want to improve your customers’ satisfaction? Consider the workshop that will help you implement an efficient continuous engagement framework, increase your revenue per customer and ensure high retention.

Value Proposition

The workshop discusses Customer Success (CS) best practices, implementation models, and tools to help the partner set up their CS practice even in a small organisation following the matrix structure of responsibilities.

The workshop enables the partners to embed Customer Success in every operational process and set up measurement, reporting and mitigation systems that integrate easily with their agile business. As a result, the partner will get a comprehensive practice design equipped with the necessary tools, defined metrics and the implementation plan.

Customer success value proposition

Discussion Topics

  • Best practices of Customer Success modelling: CS charter, partner scorecard, business planning
  • Best practices of the CS process implementation: go to market plan, account segmentation, LAER model (land, adopt, expand, renew)
  • Overview of the Customer Health Score tooling and application patterns
  • Designing the partner’s Customer Success practice and planning for the implementation

Delivery formats


  • Customer Success maturity report with gaps, rating, recommendations and best practices
  • Customer Success business plan, partner scoreboard and implementation timeline
  • Go-to-Market plan with external and internal dimensions, Account segmentation plan, LAER process mapped onto partner’s business
  • Customer Health Score tool and the CS tooling report with recommendations

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