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ISSI’s consultants are uniquely positioned to provide guidance in preparing for the leading cloud provider MSP program audits. Our goal is facilitate an understanding of your current capabilities against specific program requirements and provide recommendations for closing the gaps and successfully passing your cloud MSP audit.

Accelerate your cloud business

Consulting workshops for growing your hyperscale cloud services

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Partner Transformation Journey

Consulting workshops for growing your hyperscale cloud services

Cloud Assessment and Audit Readiness Consulting

Consulting and training for organizations seeking hyperscale cloud vendors’ certification.
To significantly improve the customer experience for organizations moving workloads to the cloud, hyperscale vendors are investing heavily in partner certification programs. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Oracle have launched a range of partner certifications aimed at two broad areas of operation:

  • Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) operations and services.
  • Cloud professional services capabilities, e.g. cloud migration, DevOps, and other service solutions, as well as vertical market and technology-specific specializations.

Cyber Security Consulting

Consulting and training for organizations seeking International Organization for Standardization certification.

Is a CMMC Pre-Assessment right for your organization?

Cyber attackers can find and exploit weaknesses even in the best defenses. As attacks become increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to identify and mitigate those weaknesses before they get hacked—and build a corporate culture that makes cybersecurity a priority. An ISSI Cybersecurity Pre-Assessment identifies and quantifies security vulnerabilities in your IT environment. Our security experts evaluate weaknesses that attackers will target and provide mitigation options to eliminate or reduce your risk.

ISSI consultants collect information about your on-premises and cloud-based computing environments, identify potential non-compliance, and offer prioritized recommendations in a custom report used by executives and technical staff

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